Thank you for visiting my page on The Quay Gallery website. I hope you enjoy my prints and paintings.

I first started drawing architectural montages as a teenager, there are now almost thirty in the collection. They reflect my interest in history, architecture and design.

Even in my landscapes, I seem unable to shy away from lines. I paint in oil and enamel, and my work can best be described as stylised semi abstract. People tend to either love them or hate them, I hope you are one of the former.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in a commission or any of the work on the website.


Alan Dawson was brought up in Elgin, in the north of Scotland. He studied Law and then Accountancy at Aberdeen University. He worked as a Solicitor in Edinburgh until 1995, when he decided to pursue a career as an Artist. In 2006, he opened The Quay Gallery in Aberdour. He spends his winters in France where he renovates houses and attempts to master French.